Write Place responds to Baker & Taylor exit from retail wholesale market

Write Place Bookshelf

On May 1, Baker & Taylor—one of the outlets through which bookstores and libraries may purchase Write Place-published books—announced that as of July 15, 2019, it will no longer distribute books to stores and other retail outlets.

What does this mean for Write Place authors? Most importantly, retailers and libraries will still have access to Write Place titles, even after Baker & Taylor discontinues retail distribution. Here’s why:

  • Write Place books continue to be available for booksellers to purchase through another major wholesaler, Ingram Book Company.
  • Despite leaving the retail market, Baker & Taylor will continue to distribute to libraries. Libraries may also obtain Write Place books through Follett.

Ingram Book Company is now the only major entity in wholesale retail distribution, so there is concern in the publishing industry that Baker & Taylor’s exit will lead to slower deliveries to bookstores and/or raised shipping fees. At this time, no rate changes have been announced by Ingram. Our team will notify you if there are any major changes to their services that will impact your titles.

To learn more about this news, visit the Independent Book Publisher Association website.

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