Send your book on a worldwide adventure

Have you ever dreamed about someone as far away as Australia or Brazil reading your book? I wanted to take a moment to let you know it isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Though Write Place e-books have always been available to a global audience, now readers in the UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil, and Russia are able to order the English print edition of Write Place titles as well. Readers in these countries will be able to order and pay for the books using local currency and at local shipping rates. The same printing quality you expect from our books printed in the United States will be maintained in all the new markets.

Though the reach of Write Place titles will greatly increase, there will be no added burden for the author. The Write Place will handle all logistics of global distribution, and authors will receive royalties on their usual schedule—in U.S. currency. Questions? Call the Write Place at 641-628-8398 or email

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