E-book FAQs

With so many options for conversion and distribution of e-books, figuring out what everyone is talking about can be difficult. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about e-books.

How can I make my e-book available to the widest readership?

To make sure the widest number of people on the widest number of devices can read your e-book, we convert your book to ePub and .mobi file formats. The .mobi format is used by the Amazon Kindle; ePub is used by almost everyone else, including the Barnes and Noble NOOK, the iPad, and the Sony eReader.

How much does it cost to publish an e-book?

Costs vary based upon the length and complexity (whether you have pictures, tables, endnotes, etc.) of your book. The Write Place will provide an individual quote for each e-book project.

How does the price for my e-book get set?

That’s one of the great things about self-publishing—the author sets the price. You want to make the price high enough so that you still make money after the retailer discounts, but low enough to not be cost-prohibitive to customers. We can help you find this balance.

Will my e-book look like the printed book?

The design options for e-books are more limited, so in most cases an e-book will look much different. In general, the e-book will have a much simpler and more streamlined design.

Where can readers buy my e-book?
The e-book version of your book will be distributed and available through Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (NOOK), Apple’s iBookstore (iPad, iPod, and iPhone), and many other smaller retailers. It will also be available on The Write Place’s Web site.

How do I get started?

All we need is your manuscript in a simple format like Word. From there, we can work through editing if you desire, cover design, and the conversion process. Call 641-628-8398 or email sarah@thewriteplace.biz to ask questions or schedule a free initial consultation.

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