E-books: Where Are We Going?

We have less than a month to go before our January 10, 2012, book contest deadline (learn more here!). In anticipation of the winning book being published both as a print and e-book, I found this interesting:

We know that e-book uptake, as measured in sales or the percentage of publishers’ revenues, has doubled, or more than doubled, every year since 2007…

We know that it is mathematically impossible for the rate of growth to continue for even three more years (because it would put e-books at 160 percent of publishers’ revenues if it did!)…

We don’t know if we’re going to find a barrier of resistance, or perhaps we should call it the barrier of ‘paper insistence,’ at some sales level over the next two years (at the end of which e-books would be 80 percent of publishers’ revenues at the growth rates we’ve seen over the past four years). (Mike Shatzkin, “What We Do and Don’t Know About the E-book Revolution,” Independent, December 2011.)

So it should be an exciting two years! We’ll see how much of the pie the e-book market will consume, and how much will remain paper. Either way, these figures point to an impressive opportunity for self-published authors. E-books give authors the chance to reach many times more readers than they might have through traditional channels, especially if those authors are willing to go the extra marketing mile—with blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and more traditional methods, such as book signings, speaking engagements, and word of mouth.

For a true e-book self-publishing success story, read author Darcie Chan’s story. Then submit your manuscript to our book contest, and give it the chance to reach readers as an e-book!

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