Tips for Conquering Writer’s Block

Writer’s block: at some point, it plagues every writer. Says Kathie Evenhouse, Write Place writer and graphic designer, “Sometimes if I get stuck I just turn off my screen. That way, I’m not distracted by how my writing looks and what it sounds like. I don’t try to edit. I just type!”

Here are some other ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

Write a Six-Word Story

Ernest Hemingway, one of the greatest authors of all time, was once challenged to write a complete story in just six words. Never one to shy from a challenge, he wrote: “For sale: baby shoes, never used.” What would your complete six-word story be?

Start Writing, Don’t Stop Until You’ve Hit 1000 Words

What should you write? Anything. What is your inspiration? Whatever you want. In “Finding Forrester” the character played by Sean Connery asks his young student to take an existing piece of work as a starting point. The student transforms it into something unique. Start with a famous passage from a book, or the opening of a movie. But take it somewhere entirely different. When you hit 1000 words, stop and read it. You may have just surprised yourself.


How do you conquer writer’s block? Leave a comment and let us know!


Our thanks to for the six-word story and 1000 words ideas!

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